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Poll: Would you find body sculpting useful?
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Yes: I would find it useful
559 96.05%
No: There are other things I would rather you did
23 3.95%
Total 582 vote(s) 100%
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Should we add body sculpting to Portrait Professional?
(05-12-2009, 10:19 AM)admin Wrote: One feature we have been mulling over adding to a future version (v10 or later) of Portrait Professional is body sculpting. Body sculpting would work in a similar way to our face sculpting. You would have to mark out key points on the body, then you would get interactive sliders to change the body shape; longer legs, thinner waist, bigger/higher boobs etc. If we got it working well, it should be a lot faster and less difficult than trying to do it using liquify. Out of our current users we would be very interested in hearing if you thought this would be a useful feature or whether you would rather we spent our time on other things.

I would be one very satisfied customer if body sculpting was to one day be included.
I have not had the program for very long but I already love it!(now I know how all the women in magazines look so pretty) I intend to use it to make my portfolio photos look a little more professional before I send them in to agencies. I think that a body sculpting program would be a wonderful addition, and I personally would like an option to make the stomach area or really any area appear more defined/toned. Of course the option to widen hips or shrink waist areas would also be a very nice addition. If a body sculpting addition is ever released I will definatly be one of the first to purchase it. Smile

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