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Poll: Would you find body sculpting useful?
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Yes: I would find it useful
559 96.05%
No: There are other things I would rather you did
23 3.95%
Total 582 vote(s) 100%
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Should we add body sculpting to Portrait Professional?
I'd like this feature BUT it should default to OFF as should face sculpting... or at the very least there should be a global way of selecting if face and/or body sculpting is done in preferences. On many faces auto face sculpting makes the face look fatter IMHO, and changing peoples body / face shape is often considered unethical for non magazine portraits.

I discovered face sculpting can be turned off in each preset but this is a very slow way of doing it, especially as saving each preset removes it from its current position in the list and sends it to the bottom. Ideally changing an existing preset shouldn't move at all, and new presets should go to the top of the list not the bottom as the user is likely to want to use their new preset a lot!

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