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Crashing & unwanted window resize on MAC - version 11.2.10
I've just upgraded to Version 11.2.10 on Mac, and it has 1 nasty and a few annoying bugs.

- Crashes almost every time if "discard outlines" is used on images with 2 faces.

- Hitting "touch up" or "restore" brushes causes the window to move to the right and down, ignoring "maximise". It also makes the window larger than will fit on screen....

- Full body shots should be auto detected

- Full body skin detection often has a mottled / patchy effect, needs improving. It tends to miss freckles, collagen etc ie the bits that need fixing

I have sent a bug report and got the usual "you need to upgrade" message.
I can't upgrade this IS the latest version...

Are other Mac users having similar problems?
I now have a 3rd message telling me I need to upgrade so I've attached an image showing that I am running the latest version.

It seems the version tracker is also buggy!

Hi leok,

Apologies for the inconvenience. I'm looking into your ticket now and am attempting to recreate the issues you've observed. If it's alright with you, can I ask a few questions regarding your setup, so that I can reproduce the exact set of variables that are causing this.

Can you please tell me what version of OSX you're running currently? Apologies if this has already been asked and I missed it.

We're constantly working on improving the face and skin finder technology we use, and always trying to improve the accuracy of the finder, but occasionally run into certain test cases where the finder is not 100% accurate. If you are comfortable sending us the problem images, we'll be able to look into what is causing the drop in accuracy and further improve the detector.

In regards to the crash, can you tell us how you discarded the outline once two faces were found (was it using the X when in the "Other Faces" view, was gender set already?) and also if they were marked up manually or by using the automatic face finder.

If you can PM those details, I'll get right onto it and hopefully be able to resolve these issues for you.


Anthropics Technology Ltd.
Hi Arjun,
I've PMed you. Hopefully you will now be able to get to the bottom of it.
Didn't try 2.10 yet, but:

- Hitting "touch up" or "restore" brushes causes the window to move to the right and down, ignoring "maximise". It also makes the window larger than will fit on screen....

I've had this since v11 has been released.
Hi Rawit,

We've resolved the Discard Outlines Issue, and the fix should be available soon but I am currently unable to recreate the window resizing issue.

Would it be possible to have more info on when the issue arises? Is the issue just click the brush and the window resizes?

Rawit - Can you tell me what version of OSX you're running and your display resolution? Any information is tremendously helpful as my attempts to recreate the issue have been fruitless.

I can assure you that once I can reproduce the issue, we'll get it fixed as soon as possible.

Anthropics Technology Ltd.

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