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PhotoShop Plugin
It would be nice to have a PhotoShop plugin to speed up my workflow. Thanks for your consideration
NO NO NO !! .............. There's too much reliance of this Photoshop "Holy Grail} of all photographers ............. Adobe is the bain of my life ................ it's the biggest heap of "sofware autokill" I've ever experienced .............. It's taken over the industry ......... and the industries's allowed it to happen ....... therefore Adobe is in control .......... can't you mofo's see this .................... piss Adobe off ............ give it the ceremonial flick ...................
Smile While I share Roscoe's sentiment, we do have many users who want to incorporate Portrait Professional into their workflow, so the next version will include the ability to run PP as a plugin. However, I do stress that we have no intention at all to ever release a version that doesn't run standalone. In fact we would like to wean as many people off Photoshop as possible! To that end, I'd like to know what features people go back to Photoshop to do. If there are a few features we could add to Portrait Professional to avoid having to go back and forth between the two packages, it makes everyone's life easier.

I open my RAW pictures in Adobe Bridge first, do my cropping and adjustments, etc. there first (since it doesn't destroy any pixels) and then go ahead and open them in PhotoShop. To my knowledge, there isn't any way to save them from Bridge without opening in PhotoShop. When I crop, I do want to be able to choose the resolution and the way that it is to be cropped (4:5, 1:1, 2:3, etc.). I also check the actual size once I get into PhotoShop. I also use the Smart Objects and Layers in PS. Depending on the project, there are other functions that I also use, but those are the main ones. Thank you for adding PP as a plugin, as well as a standalone.
Portrait Professional Studio supports RAW files, and all version support cropping and a few basic adjustments. Are there any specific adjustments that you would like to see Portrait Professional support?

I use Lightroom, then do more edits in Photoshop if needed. Therefore I do think that a plugin would be very useful.

One feature I use a lot in Lightroom is the adjustment brush. And when I'm using the adjustment brush to make white backgrounds even whiter and blown out, I use it in conjunction with the automask feature. I don't if you could add a feature that could treat area of the photo outside the model's face. But if PortraitProfessional comes as a plugin, I don't think it would be necessary, since the tools would be right there in PS.

One other thing I use both PS and LR for is spot removal (again, outside the face). But again, if PP were a plugin, then you wouldn't need that feature.

Do you have any idea about a timeline for the next version of PP?

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your suggestions. We really do take them seriously, as I hope you will notice when the next version includes several features suggested on these discussion forums. We are just finishing the next version at the moment, and all going well in testing should be out in the next couple of weeks.

I bought version 8 about 6 weeks ago, do I qualify for the upgrade?
You might do. Our cut off date for the free upgrade is the 1st of April. As with all our other upgrades, the upgrade price will be small though.

How do I download the Photoshop Plugin version of the Portrait Professional 9?

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