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Black & white
I'm sure there are a lot of photographers, like myself, who shoot portraits in black & white. I've been using Portrait Professional in its various versions for some years no, but it does not work well with b&w. perhaps this is something for the developers to consider for future releases or as a plug-in.
which one camera you are using right now...!
do you actually "shoot" in B&W? That would limit your options in B&W conversion as you would have to rely on the one conversion that your camera does.

I shoot in color, process the color picture in PP and then do the B&W conversion as needed. That allows much more flexibility in the conversion.

From my point of view there is no need for handling of B&W pictures in PP right away, would also be complicated as it makes skin selection virtually impossible.

Regards - MacSass
Hi trevorspiro,

Apologies for the delay in response. Unfortunately using Black & White images in Portrait Professional can cause issues with how the Skin Detection works. You can still enhance Black & White Images, but we would highly recommend checking the Skin Selection area under Skin Control> View/Edit Skin Area and modifying the selection manually.

As MacSass recommended, enhancing color images allows more flexibility when using Portrait Professional, and also makes the Skin Detection more accurate. You can also then convert these images into B&W after enhancement by going to Picture Controls> Vibrance> Saturation and reducing the value for Saturation to -100.

Anthropics Technology Ltd.

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