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Enhancement request: Reset eye color change

I found a little problem with the current version:
When you play around and change the color of the iris, there is no way to reset the slider to the original color without applying a preset resetting all modifications.

Even if you set the "change eye color" to 0, it applies the grey hue. There should be an option to reset just this change to the orginal, e.g. by making the slider behave like in the "lig hue" sections, where the original color comes back when you set the slider to 0 (or double click on it).

Also the "intensify" slider in the eye sections does seem to pick up on the modiefied color only, as soon as you change it ... not on the original color.

Regards and thanks - MacSass
Hi MacSass,

You can reset all the sliders to their default values by double clicking them, this should set the slider to apply no change. In regards to the grey cast you're seeing when you set Change Eye color to zero. Does this happen when the change is isolated to eye color only, i.e a change is still shown when only altering the Eye color and still appears when it is reset? I've checked this by using the Reset to Original Image Saved Slider and only changing the Eye color, then when I double click the slider to reset it to zero, I cannot see any other change. Please let me know if there is a change there for you and I'll look into recreating the issue.

The Intensity slider only affects the changed eye color as it is set under the umbrella of "Change Eye Color". For altering and improving the natural eye color we would recommend using the other eye sliders such as Brighten Iris etc. Another possible workaround is to change the eye color to the same color as it is naturally and increase the intensity that way.

We hope this helps, please let me know if I've misunderstood anything.

Anthropics Technology Ltd.
Hi Arjun,

thanks for the feedback and I think the way this currently works is OK and was partly a lack of knowledge on my side.

I missed that as soon as you move the "Color" slider in the eye section, the "amount of change" slider jumps from 0 to 100% - so the easy way to get back your original color is to change the "amount of change" slider back to 0.

In total I must say that PP gives you a lot of flexibility in changing the eye color and resetting it back is easy by setting "amount of change" to 0 - so that is perfect.

Great learning - no need for any change from my side -

thanks - MacSass


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