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Version 11.1.13 is out
Why is it so difficult for the PP people to post version updates??

Obviously developers have made changes either for bug fixes or new features and they must have gone through certain change processes to get these changes approved so somebody somewhere has a list of what changes have been made so why can't it be posted on here? Look at the announcements forum, last update was in 2011!

If its bug fixes then fine just put a line that says bug fixes (Maybe a link to whats been done should anybody be more interested, but I for one am happy just to know that you have fixed some bugs)

If its new features you would think you would want to show off that you are constantly updating your software as that is very appealing for potential purchasers and gratifying for existing owners of the software (Maybe even tempt them to upgrade to another tier)

So why does it have to be such a secret?

Its not even obvious that there has even been an update to the software unless you check every day or somebody on here lets us know. Thanks MacSass its a shame the admins can't be doing what you are doing.

I am going to copy and paste this into a support request although previous attempts haven't been sucessful.

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