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Final image more retouched than what PP shows
Using PP as a LR4 plugin on Mac:
I noticed the final image, after saving in PP, shows smoother skin with more saturation than what I saw in PP just before hitting save and returning to LR. Any idea how to minimize this, other than making the image a bit less processed in PP than I think it should be?

Hi John,

I have that problem too. I am not sure whether this will work for you or not. On Skin Coloring Controls, I adjusted the Auto White Balance and Auto Exposure.

Hope you will share your experience if you have a better workaround.
Thanks for the tip. I will try it, but I hope we can come up with a solution that will show on the screen what we can expect in the final image.
I find this a challenge! Most of the time, I adjust it on PS again.
Hi there, do you have the latest version? If so, when working with PP scroll down until you see picture controls click that off
then you will not have the over contrast! I wish they could have the opacity option on that as just a touch of contrast is nice sometimes! Hope this helps!
Thanks for the tip!
I am having a similar issue in that the picture still looks much darker and over saturated. The skin looks MUCH more airbrushed (to the point where its overdone). I tried saving it as a Tiff or a Jpeg and it didn't really make a difference. I turned off the picture controls and this did help a bit. But I am confused as to why the image saves so different than the actual edited image.
At the moment, this issue is driving me up the wall.... I noticed that the colour on PS looks good. When it is in PP, the colour changes a bit. By switching the picture control, etc, in PP helps.

Then when I save the photos from PS and viewed them from the Windows explorer/viewer, the colour changes. If I use IrfanView, I got another different colour. If I open the photos on PhotoScape, it shows another colour.

The saturation is always different from different viewers and I think it has to do with the way how each application process the colour and settings. So, I just stick to PS and make it a standard so that when the printer receive my images, they don't complain.

Talking about MUCH more airbrushed, I face the same problem. So, my work around is to avoid the airbrush as much as possible. I just use the sliders as much as I can.
Hi everyone,

I'm looking into the issue currently and was hoping for some more info. It sounds like the image appearing differently may be related to color profile. Can you please tell me if you're using the Studio or Standard Edition and what software you're using to view the files (and if possible what color profile the software is set to)?

WilliamTing, what you're describing does sound like this, especially since the same file is appearing differently in each of your software suites. The Windows Photo Viewer actually has a known issue where it will add a yellow tinge to a lot of images. However, I don't want to discount this as a bug so we're investigating it thoroughly.

However, we'll do whatever we can to fix the problem once we've reproduced the issue.

We'd be greatly appreciative if you could send us a session file showing the issue before the image is saved out. Please send it to support1234@anthropics.com and mark it for "Arjun - Forum Saved Out" If the file is large, we'd recommend using dropcanvas.com and sharing the link with us.

In regards to the airbrush issue, I've also been unable to reproduce it on my end. Can you elaborate on what's occurring? Is the airbrush effect not matching the workign window in PP or is the effect too drastic when using the airbrush? If it's the second, you can reduce the touch up brush intensity by reducing the brush strength.

Please rest assured that we're looking deeply into it and doing whatever we can to resolve it.

Anthropics Technology Ltd.
Hi Arjun,

Regarding the airbrush, I have since reduce the strength down to 10. In V10, I will use something like 15-22. At this strength of 10, the effect is good. But please note that using airbrush requires practice and patient. My tip is not to use a strong brush and always use slider first. For me, and with V11, sliders solve most editing and airbrush is only required for those stubborn spots.


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