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Final image more retouched than what PP shows
At the moment, this issue is driving me up the wall.... I noticed that the colour on PS looks good. When it is in PP, the colour changes a bit. By switching the picture control, etc, in PP helps.

Then when I save the photos from PS and viewed them from the Windows explorer/viewer, the colour changes. If I use IrfanView, I got another different colour. If I open the photos on PhotoScape, it shows another colour.

The saturation is always different from different viewers and I think it has to do with the way how each application process the colour and settings. So, I just stick to PS and make it a standard so that when the printer receive my images, they don't complain.

Talking about MUCH more airbrushed, I face the same problem. So, my work around is to avoid the airbrush as much as possible. I just use the sliders as much as I can.

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RE: Final image more retouched than what PP shows - williamting - 01-25-2013, 03:58 AM

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