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How to Work with Closed Eyes
In a shoot for a spa, my model has her eyes closed, yet PP11 doesn't consider that. Does anyone know of a work-around?
The only workaround is to have digital eye transplant, if you know what I mean.
(12-10-2012, 12:57 AM)williamting Wrote: The only workaround is to have digital eye transplant, if you know what I mean.

The client wants the model's eyes closed, to express the serenity and relaxed state that her clients find while enjoying the spa treatment. 'Transplanting' eyes from another shot is easy to do (I'm amazed how many brides walk around with their eyes closed on their wedding day), but defeats the original purpose of the photo.

Does anyone else have an idea? It would be very much appreciated.
Sorry, I didn't understand your requirement at first as we are all so used to work with opened eyes! Indeed, you are right that PP11 is not able to work on closed eyes.

How about you submit a feature request. I think this should be easy thing for PP to do.
I had submitted a Support Ticket, to which I received the reply this morning:

"Please process the image as if the eyes were open. When you get to the slider stage please turn the Eye slider section from ON to OFF."

However, that negates any and all processing on the eyes (the brows and lashes are not sharpened and enhanced, etc.).

Thanks for your reply, williamting. I will submit a feature request. It is not something that comes up often, but there are situations that require it.
Your requirement is more than "not processing the eyes". You want the closed eyes to look beautiful ... all that beautiful curve, eyelashes etc! You are right that wedding photographer should encounter many of these situations. Perhaps, it may not be that critical for wedding photographer as they may not zoom in that much as compared to you.

Let's hope that your feature request is implemented soon.

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