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Version History?

A friend showed me an earlier version (PP v6) and I downloaded PP v8 to try on my own here, overall pretty impressed, the eye color changing feature seems to be improved over v6, and I think I will be purchasing a version soon.

My main question is what is the software release history on this product?

In other words when did V8 come out, when was v6 released, (time gap) trying to decide if I should hold off just a bit and wait for v9 or v10 (whatever is next) seems from what I have read at least it jumped from 6 to 6.5 (free for v6 users) then to v7 (an intermediate jump guessing you had to pay for upgrade) then to v8 and now v8.1?

If i could get an idea of release dates I could probably guestimate the next version release.

I do understand they need to make money on upgrades of the product but hate to buy v8.1 and find out in a month v9 is coming out etc.

Bill Smile
Hi ftlosm,

You can see a version history by looking at our announcement pages on this forum. Every time we release a new version, I put up an announcement.  You may notice that there is no announcement for version 7.  That's because there was no version 7, it was an internal version that was never publicly released, which is why we look like we are going through version numbers faster than we actually are.

Moreover, we are working on a new version: version 9, with some very exciting new features in it. And I am pleased to announce, anyone buying version 8 from now until we release version 9, will be able to upgrade to version 9 for free.


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