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Skin & Hair detection
(03-18-2013, 11:58 PM)Brian Purdy Wrote: I have exactly the same experience with V 11 Studio. The skin selection button might as well not be there. The software selects the face only, no matter what skin selection you make.

It appears the software is selecting only skin that is visible on the screen/monitor at the time of face selection. I see the cutoff at the bottom of the viewable portion of the face. This would indicate that the software is reading the image currently on the screen. Try zooming out, then selecting "full body".

The software will select all the contiguous skin down from the face. You will have to select other skin areas manually, such as hands or legs, if clothing "breaks" the flow of the skin.

Select the next face and repeat the process for a additional bodies in the image.
Just in case you don't already know, the inner circle of the skin selector detect edges of skin. So, to speed up your work further, you may use a bigger brush. To select skin area, just move the brush over the edges of skin and be mindful to keep the inner circle within the edges.

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