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Eye control - add single reflection

from time to time a models pupil can look a bit "dead", depinding on lightsource used - so having the option to add a reflection is very welcome.

Still I do miss the option to add a single spot. There are various options, some fairly special like "chapel windows" but the very basic single spot that you would see from a single light source light a flash is not available.

Could you add "single dot" and "small single dot"?

Thanks - MacSass
Hi again,

just coming from work with PP I´d like to extend that request:

I wanted to add some reflections with PP but found they ended up being way to bright. There is not slider to adjust the amount of reflection added.

I know you can darken the pupil - but in my case the reflection is on the iris, and there is no way to reduce the amount of reflection added.

I think a slider to "dim" the added reflection would fit very well in the section where you can nudge the reflection (that´s a nice feature added in V11).

Regards - MacSass

pulling up that old feature request of mine.

I found a way to add new catchlights myself - see my post in "tips & tricks" section here:

Still I would like to see options to change the size and brightness of catchlights in a future version of PP.

Regards - MacSass


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