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Upgraded to V11, and now PP crashes when trying to find a face
Hi everyone,

We would recommend against having several versions installed as it may cause conflicts when using PP as a plugin and usually suggest removing any other versions of the software before install. We're working on a new build that should be available very soon that will have several fixes. Currently this issue with finding faces only occurs on certain hardware and can be worked around if you disable Face finding. PP11 will then operate as version 10 did. If you do have any problems with v11, PM me and I'll be more than happy to give you instructions on how to resolve any problems or return to v10 .

I've replied to your support ticket, but here's the instructions I passed on if you see this reply first. This will disable the face finding and stop the crash, allowing you to manually mark the points up:

1. Open Portrait Professional as a standalone application.
2. Go to File> Settings on Windows or PortraitProfessional> Preferences on Mac
3. Uncheck the box that reads "Automatically find faces in Image" and click OK.

The software should no longer crash, but you will have to mark up the 5 face points as you did in version 10.
Anthropics Technology Ltd.

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