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Upgraded to V11, and now PP crashes when trying to find a face
Hello All,

We're very sorry that you're experiencing these problems and we're working on finding the cause and subsequent solution to the issue. Would it be possible to send an example of the image causing this issue to support1234@anthropics.com and mark it for Arjun? I'll take a look at the problem and pass the steps onto our developers. We seem to believe that the issue occurs with a specific set of criteria and your example images will greatly help us diagnose the issue. The images will only be used for testing and will be deleted once the issue has been resolved.

As this issue is impeding your work, I have a workaround so that you can meet your deadline. Can you please do the following:

Please verify that you are running the latest version of Portrait Professional, you can do this by opening the Standalone Application and going to Help> About . The version number should be 11.1.2. If you are not on this version go to Help> Check For Updates and download the latest version.

Once you have verified that you are running 11.1.2, open Portrait Professional as a standalone application and go to File> Settings (PortraitProfessional> Preferences on Mac).
Here uncheck the automatically mark up Faces box and Portrait Professional will ask you to once again manually mark up the face as it did in version 10.

It is very important that to change this setting you have to run the standalone application as the plug-in mode does not allow access to the settings. You do not need to open an image to access the settings.

Please let us know if this helps and rest assured we're working hard on identifying and resolving this problem.

Warm Regards,

Anthropics Technology Ltd.

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