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Version 11 New Features?
Hey cimpp, I am happy to hear that the new version works great. Today I am faced with the first problem of V11.1.2 when it can't recognised the face correctly. Somehow, the outlines was rotated 90 degree CCW.

While the earlier version detected random faces, it misses one face on one of my images. But this is no issue to me.
(10-31-2012, 01:02 PM)Skids Wrote: Unfortunately I have to ask this each time there is a version change.

Now that Version 11 is rolling out, and it does seem very good, but can we have a detailed breakdown of what exactly is new.

The obvious change is automatic point positioning but considering it is a major change you should be providing a breakdown of all changes in this new release including any bug fixes.

I hope this doesn't fall on deaf ears like previous requests and we wont see version details until the product has been out for 6 months


The link was included with the email I received inviting me to upgrade.

I have the version 11 and am not happy at all. Version 10 worked well and I was promised a free upgrade. Rather than that I would like to download version 10. The new features with blue lines causes far too much distortion from the original image, it is almost like using another subject.
Hi Ron,

not sure what "new features with blue lines" you are referring to - but I must say that I´m pretty happy with V11 and use it in production now.

The only real issues I have found so far a minor ones that do not influence image quality.

Regards - MacSass

PS: Would be nice though if we could get to know the changes in the latest updates to V11 though ... but this has been my request for years now ...
(12-28-2012, 01:14 AM)MacSass Wrote: Would be nice though if we could get to know the changes in the latest updates to V11 though ... but this has been my request for years now ...

It is like a treasure hunt to me. Since the changes update is not going to happen, I would just focus on using the software. Smile
Hehe Williamting,

that´s what I ususally do - just there are only little treasures to be found from version to version and with each revision I have to check if any of my reported bugs have been fixed or any proposed features have been implemented.

Not sure why it is so hard to post some release notes - especially as those where promised long ago ...

Anyway - I like the software and I guess not all can be great ... but I´m sure things will get much better in 2013, right? Rolleyes

Have a great start all - MacSass
Yeah... MacSass, you are right! I like positive attitude. Let's hope that they implement more interesting features.

I have been seeing PP grows over the years, their product is indeed getting better. I can't remember when I started using PP but V11 is really exciting. On the other hand, it is not perfect. Anyway, which software is perfect? One thing I do know is that V11 is really saving me a lot of time.

I would suggest that we continue to give them ideas for consideration.

just to let eveybody know - a new version is out - 11.1.10.

As always, no clue what is new - as we don´t get release updates I would propose anybody that finds something that is new, would be great if you could post that information here.

What I can confirm:
- Usage of "left" and "right" for the eyes is still inconsistent between "face sculpting" and "skin smoothing" module.

Regards - MacSass
and metadata (iptc + lightroom info) is still not preserved.

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