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Why is the color show like this?
I am using PP 9.5.2 standard version (non studio), after I load the tiff (8-bit), the color between the Before and After panels are so different. Can anyone explain this?
Attached is the screenshot.

[Image: pp95-L.jpg]

No one has seen this before?
(09-29-2012, 01:30 PM)flashon Wrote: No one has seen this before?

Try opening with jpeg and see what it looks like?
With mine when i opened raw it looks bad so I only
use jpeg now and they turn out great.
I use only RAW or JPEG or plugin from PS. Never encountered this before.
It looks to me as if you may have inadvertently applied a sepia tint.
Do you get this result on every image or just this one?

Would you please process this image as before and post a screen print showing the Saved Sliders expanded.


Hi flashon,

I think keithblan might be on to something. Can you please check what your default sliders are set to? You can do this by clicking on the Saved Sliders button under the thumbnail and selecting Manage Sliders. Can you check whether there is a Female symbol next to the Sepia Saved Slider as that might be the cause of the issue. To fix this simply select Manage Sliders and choose another saved slider and select Set as Default for Female.

Please let us know if that resolves it.

Anthropics Technology Ltd.

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