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Flood fill for extending skin area
(09-11-2013, 11:48 AM)Skids Wrote: My only concern would be that if the recaculate option cannot determine the skin areas I am guessing a flood fill would also struggle

Hi Skids,
my proposal would be a semi automatic floodfill - like Smart Photo Editor does it:
You would have to highlight / mark the outline of the skin erea (e.g. a leg) yourself and as soon as PP would recognize you have marked a closed area it offers a flood fill for it - so you don´t have to zoom out and "fill" the outline.
This would not need an enhancement on skin detection algorithm.

Maybe take a look at Smart Photo Editor to have a better idea.

Although a simple "flood fill" for detection of skin area might be helpful as well, so in fact having both would be good to satisfy our needs.

I hope that some of the admins / developers comments on our proposal.

Best regards - MacSass

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