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HELP - Getting extremely blotchy skin in PP
I never use jpgs except when saving for the web. This image was opened in raw mode in CS6


Canon 5d MK II Raw Adobe RGP
Open image in CS6 from LR 4 in 16bit PSD, Adobe RGB
Open PP plug-in
use defaults (though frankly it doesn't matter what settings you pick)
Save results back to PS
Artifacts are readily viewable in PS at 100%

Toggling between the history of pre and post PP reveals the artifacting.
I've already heard back from a bunch of people who had to dump the program because they are experiencing the same issues.
Apparently it works better on 8 bit low res images.

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RE: HELP - Getting extremely blotchy skin in PP - jzucker - 07-17-2012, 09:19 PM

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