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Inconsistent usage of "left" and "right"

I found that you seem to be inconsistent in referencing "left" and "right" eye:

While marking as well as in the eye enhancemnt module of the skin enhancement sections you are referring e.g. to the left eye, as seen by the photographer (the left eye is the one on the left side of the photo).

In the "face form" module (hope that is the right name - translated from German) if you choose to e.g. enlarge the "left" eye, it is the eye of the person photographed - the right eye on the screen ...

I think this should be consistent across the modules - I would prefer to refer to "left" and "right" taking my photographer perspective.

Regards - MacSass

just to let you know that this is still the case in version 11 as well!

In face sculpt the "left" eye is the left eye of the model, while in the eye control section the "left" eye is the eye on the left side of the monitor - so usually the right eye of the the model.

This really should be made consistent either way.

Regards - MacSass
confirmed as NOT fixed in version 11.1.13.

Regards - MacSass
confirmed as NOT fixed in version 11.2.4.

Arjun - can you let me know if this request does not make sense from your point of view or if it just did not make it yet into the fix list?
I first reported that more than a year ago.

I always have to play around to see what the "left" eye is in the various modules and it would be easier if the "left" eye would either always be the eye on the left side of my monitor, or the left eye of the model ... but not change from module to module.

Thanks - MacSass
Hi MacSass,

Sorry I had thought this was already fixed. I just took another look at the left/right references for the sliders and it appears consistent for me on 11.2.4. For me the left eye refers to the perspective of the photographer and modifying the sliders for the left eye will change the eye on the left of the screen. This works as expected for me in both Face Sculpt & Eye controls. Can you tell me what sliders are working the other way for you?

Apologies if I've got the wrong end of it. If it's still occurring we'll definitely get it fixed for the next release.
Anthropics Technology Ltd.
Hi Arjun,

this is interesting.

I just went back to my test pic and found that in "Face sculpt controls - eyes" the logic is reversed from what you describe.

I then opened a different picture - and suddenly the logic was exactly as mentioned by you - everything was refering to the photographers left and right.

Doing some more checking I found 2 pictures so far that result in a reversed left and right in "face sculpt - eye control" while other similar pictures work fine.
None of the pictures is a profile one- both are fairly frontal.

During outlining the face detection seems to work fine, at least the eye that I outline is the one indicated in the small sample picture. I still wonder if the algorithm get´s confused and changes the left and the right eye?

The pictures I´m using are NEF raw files right out of the camera, if you want I can provide you with one or two sample pictures that show the strange effect.

The files are about 10meg each, so let me know how to get them to you if you want them. Otherwise I can sent you a small vid showing the effect.

Interesting - MacSass

Hi Macsass,

That is interesting! It may be changing it based on the face orientation. The orientation of the example image on the right will let you know what Portrait Professional has detected the facial orientation as. I've got enough to narrow down the causes so I'll take it from here.

I'll double check all the orientations for both genders and see if I can see what combination causes the eyes to switch. Don't worry about looking into it, you've already helped greatly and it's definitely highly appreciated. Once we have the issue down it should be a relatively minor fix that should appear in the next update.

Thanks again MacSass!
Anthropics Technology Ltd.
Hi Arjun,

great - seems you have identified it. I looked at the two working / non working pictures and in deed the error only seems to happen when the sample image shows a lady looking to the right of my monitor.

If she looks straigt or to the left, then the assignment of left/right is correct.

Thanks for looking into it - in case you need anything else from me, let me know.

Regards - Klaus
confirmed to be fixed in 11.2.9 - nice - thanks!

Regards - MacSass

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