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Inconsistent usage of "left" and "right"

I found that you seem to be inconsistent in referencing "left" and "right" eye:

While marking as well as in the eye enhancemnt module of the skin enhancement sections you are referring e.g. to the left eye, as seen by the photographer (the left eye is the one on the left side of the photo).

In the "face form" module (hope that is the right name - translated from German) if you choose to e.g. enlarge the "left" eye, it is the eye of the person photographed - the right eye on the screen ...

I think this should be consistent across the modules - I would prefer to refer to "left" and "right" taking my photographer perspective.

Regards - MacSass

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Inconsistent usage of "left" and "right" - MacSass - 07-02-2012, 09:45 PM

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