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Inconsistent usage of "left" and "right"
Hi Arjun,

this is interesting.

I just went back to my test pic and found that in "Face sculpt controls - eyes" the logic is reversed from what you describe.

I then opened a different picture - and suddenly the logic was exactly as mentioned by you - everything was refering to the photographers left and right.

Doing some more checking I found 2 pictures so far that result in a reversed left and right in "face sculpt - eye control" while other similar pictures work fine.
None of the pictures is a profile one- both are fairly frontal.

During outlining the face detection seems to work fine, at least the eye that I outline is the one indicated in the small sample picture. I still wonder if the algorithm get´s confused and changes the left and the right eye?

The pictures I´m using are NEF raw files right out of the camera, if you want I can provide you with one or two sample pictures that show the strange effect.

The files are about 10meg each, so let me know how to get them to you if you want them. Otherwise I can sent you a small vid showing the effect.

Interesting - MacSass


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