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How to stop the nostril darkening, it's sort of a bug.
When I upgraded to version 8, I was confused how so many of my photos seemed to have this "inside of the nostril" darkening effect with the default settings. It looked terrible.

I looked *everywhere* for what was causing this since it didn't happen in version 6. Lighting? Shaping? Then I found it... it's actually under "mouth settings" (?) on a slider called "nose sharpening"

Reducing the "nose sharpening" to zero fixes the problem. I immediately set this slider to zero and saved it as my new default setting.

See attached graphic.

I suggest this is actually a bug and hop that they choose to either fix the effect of the slider or default it to zero in the next update.

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This is how the slider is meant to work. The idea is that increasing the contrast of the nostrils highlights one of the key features of the face, just like the sharpening of the lips, eyes and eyebrows, similar to the effect on that famous "breakfast at tiffany's" poster. It is an aesthetic call (and many people do like the affect), so I'll start a poll to get the communities opinion.


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