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More suggestions - don't auto select hair. and more....
Another two things popped up that are frustrating I'm hoping you could tweak in version 8.

(1) Don't auto select the hair area (turning hair purple) when I merely select "show hair controls". Everywhere else, selecting "show xxx controls" merely expands the section, but for some reason, this one section turns on showing the purple hair area to be affected & it stays on when I hide the tools. Maybe you are trying to draw attention to fact that PP always selects the hair area wrong? Wink The Skin controls don't work this way, you need to manually toggle on showing the affected skin area.
Choices are:
(a) Don't toggle on the affected hair area by default when you choose "show hair controls". So it works like the skin controls.
(b) Toggle it off again when you choose "hide hair controls?" <-- I'd do this anyway
© Consider NOT selecting a default hair area at all... it's always wrong. Instead have the user manually select it from scratch.

2) I still find it confusing where to move the selection points on someone's open mouth. Your sample guide photo doesn't have a "gummy" smile. Do I move the line to the inside of the lip, or to just above the teeth?

btw, I miss the "closed mouth" option. It was simpler than trying to manually drag the mouth selection points "closed"


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More suggestions - don't auto select hair. and more.... - bmilner - 01-27-2009, 10:08 PM

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