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Hidden or Closed Eye Button
I have many picures with either one eye or closed eyes. It would be nice to have the option of open or closed or a hidden eye button.

yup,agree. an option to off editing effects foe one eye would be great.
Can't you just turn off the Eye Control completely for that image? It doesn't matter where you click to position the eyes then, it won't do anything.

Doesn't help your one eye problem though. There I just do it anyway and manually close the eye shape so it's just a slit - no impact then.
+1 for a one-eyed picture option. Would seriously smooth out the workflow, particularly where more than one one-eyed face in a single image is concerned - a couple looking at each other, for instance...


for the example of a couple looking at each other, PP should pick up that this a profile shot and automatically switch to profile mode where you only have PP using one eye, so for me this is taken care of.

In cases where one eye is hidden (e.g. behind hair) you always have the option to turn the sliders down to zero for the respective eye - not as quick as having a "only one eye" button as you have to do it in more than one section, but works for me.

One way to implement that feature might be to add the ability to remove a full eye section on the first screen, when you define the outlines.

Regards - MacSass
Hi everyone,

I've put in a suggestion to the developers regarding the ability to disable/enable enhancements on a per eye basis. They will take a look at it and decide if and how to implement it.


EDIT: Currently, you can disable enhancements on a per eye basis by expanding the sliders and setting the values for the specific eye (Left/Right) to zero. The enhancements will then only be placed on one eye.
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