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Saving To Work Again (quick question)
(01-24-2012, 03:02 AM)williamting Wrote: What I did is to call up the edited photo and retouch from there. I don't use the original image and redo everything.
This time round, you don't need to mark out the point accurately. In fact, you could actually uncheck the various controls as required.

For a little more retouching, I normally reduce the touch up brush strength and/or size. If overdone again, just use the restore brush with strength about half that of the touch up brush. The restore brush size could be large or targeted as required.

Hopes the above helps.

Thanks for your reply.

I hadn't thought about passing by the marking and just using the touchup brush. Thinking about it, though, seems like it would produce less better results than making the skin slider be applied once (in whatever amount you choose) than to apply one layer and then apply another layer on top. I wonder, if you're trying to show some small pores, how that works out.

Probably not the place for it but it seems like it would be a nice feature...to save all aspects of an image and be able to call it right back up and tweak, say, just one slider. Wink
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