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Huge Pixels ..
Slynky, I totally agree with you.

I have one customer who insisted that I have to "overdo". But at the end, he is the one who pay for it.

Just to share with readers here how I "undo an overdo".

I normally set my touch up brush strength to around 20. I don't know why I did that but I just found that I am comfortable with it.

If I found that I have overdone, I will use the restore brush and set strength to something lower (perhaps half) of the touch up brush strength. I would just glide the restore brush over the affected area(s). There is no right or wrong on the number of times I should brush the affected area.

I set the zoom to 100% while doing this. The brush size is normally about 1/3 the size of the area to be restored.
On the issue of using green screen, I found that latest version of Primatte by digitalanarchy can do quite a decent job. If anyone here knows of a better software, please do share it here.

Using green screen is not very straight forward due to the green fringe. I am still experimenting.

Deanna, regarding studio equipment, I would suggest that you start with the camera manufacturer own flash light. Starts with a single off camera setting. Then progress to add in soft box, reflector, colour gel, and more. The main reason why I suggest this method is because of TTL control from the camera. My 2 cents worth. I hope other pro with share their experiences here.

Wish you luck. I am also learning on my own. There are quite a lot of information on the web.
OMG, Do you mean the touch up brush is the circle thing that goes on the face? I put it way up there sometimes to get the bigger areas, I guess I was doing it wrong all this time.
I use 2 alien bee flashes, I have 3 softboxes and 2 barn doors with gels ( Just got the barn doors and gels)a few backdrops, and My own makeshift reflectors ( I am going to order some with a stand though) I did start with the camera's flash , But, It just wasn't enough for studio work. Not doing too bad so far, My main problem is light spill and bounce and getting the light ratio's right, But, I'm working on that. Trying to do better at getting the catchlights right for the eyes and using the right lens length for what photo I'm trying to do, It's all quite a learning experience. Smile
deanna, looks like you are far ahead of me in studio photography. Keep on trying and I am sure that one day, you will be making a good income from this.

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