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My wish list 2012
After using PP for editing lots of photos, here is my wish list:

1. Accurate facial recognition. Accurate facial recognition will cut down my time having to align the eyes, nose, etc. But even if I don't align them properly, PP still works very well.
2. How about the ability to add eye liners, blush, eye lashes and shadow. These are nice to have and I think this is not the core function of PP
3. A short cut where I press 1 on the keyboard will bring me to 100% (1:1) photo enlargement
4. After marking out the face outline (eyes, nose, etc), PP automatically enlarge the face for "fine tuning". This is fine if the image is of high enough resolution. Give us a keyboard short cut, eg, pressing 1 will reset it back to 1:1 or better still, enlarge or reduce the amplification thru the mouse.
5. The ability to remove or lighten reflection on glass
6. PP should lock the file currently being edited. I once deleted my original image while completing my editing only to find that the original is required for PP to complete the job.
7. Give me an option to switch off the reminder whenever I click "Enhance another face".
8. When I am on "Touch Up Brush" and I click "Hide Skin Controls" to adjust some sliders, PP should automatically return me back to "Touch up Brush" mode when the mouse focus is moved back on the image.
9. CTRL+E actually does what it is supposed to do.
10. Better teeth whitening. I hope PP can recognise the outline of teeth and exclude the gum area while whitening.
11. Better performance, ie, faster processing
12. Able to save session file when PP is run from plugin.
13. Better RAW file control
14. More eyebrow controls, eg, thickness and perhaps shape! Eg, some people has very thin (faint) and short eyebrows.

PP is a great software! Keep up the good work.
p/s: This wish list will be updated

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