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I hope I did this one right. I am new to PP and to this forum. What do you think of this one?

p.s. - this is my daughter


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This looks great. I would say you did everything right.

Very nice. Not too 'over done'. Colors look right. A nice looking model too !
You did great.....I love the fact that you used PP to add enhancement in detail...and not take too much away!
Well, you've started with a great piece of stone to carve into a statue. Of course, somone has already just about finished the job for you in a great way (I'll just say, "Mother Nature"). So, this was a great choice for PPro to tweak a bit.

As others have said, a very nice job of enhancing a good subject. You've really made the eyes stand out and yet, not overdone it, IMO. Oddly enough, though, the lines on the next look more enhanced instead of blended in more.

And having nothing to do with PPro--just a suggestion from me for consideration--there is a tiny flyaway on the left at the bottom of the ear, on the right middle of the ear and I'd lose that tuft of hair near the neck on the right (her left).

She has a great upper lip ! And I shouldn't just mention that--she's every bit as pretty as models on covers of magazines I see all the time.
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