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First time...
Any advise? Thanks!

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Not bad for a first effort. Personally, I like it, as you have not overdone the PP work. Only thing I would comment on is that I would have taken the skin control further down from her face to cover the whole skin area on show. That would do away with the two colours you see here.
Nice model too ;-)
Garratt said the first thing that came to my mind. I think it may be a rather common mistake of first-timers--overlooking the opportunity to make sure all the skin area has been selected by PPro. In this case, if I may hazard a guess, PPro stopped inside the necklace and didn't extend beyond. This leads to the two different looking skin types/colors on the AFTER image.

I think the treatment to the eyes was the best enhancement. The detail in the original (lack of) doesn't give a good foundation to work upon.

Over all, though, it's a good first job. What did the subject think?
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