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Reduce/Increase Image Size
I've downloaded a radio personality's picture from the radio station website and it's very low resolution. When I import it into PP it's very pixelated (as shown here)

[Image: PIXELATED.jpg]

How can I reduce the pixelation or resize the picture so it's a lot smaller and the pixelation won't show ?
Hi Roscoe,

The picture you load in for placing points is not touched. The pixelation you see is because it is zoomed in. When you save the end result, it will be in the same dimensions as the original, and it wont look blocky any more. If you resize your image window you will see what I mean. Ideally you could contact the radio station to get a better copy of the picture. If you can't, then any way of reducing the pixelation amounts to guessing the information that isn't there. However, some ways of guessing are better than others! One that particularly impressed me is: Genuine Fractals. Does this answer your question?

I used Reshade with some success. It was a Giveawayoftheday earlier this year ............ a $147.00 value for free !
Genuine Fractals works fine too but there's an annoying watermark there until it's purchased.
Thanks Tony.

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