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Improved File naming upon Save
When opening a Filename_pp.pp (which originally came from editing a Batch of 16 Bit Filename.TIF files and having the settings set to save the pp session file as well) to re-edit the file, and click Next > Save the .pp is saved but a new TIF is not saved.

When then clicking Next > Save Jpeg/Tiff (for 16 Bit Uncompressed) the filename saved is a .tiff. This is inconsistent and differs from the additive "_pp" Filename_pp_pp.TIF method which results when simply Saving and Editing Next from A Batch.

The additive "_pp" method, where it is added to the end of the filename (before the filename extension) while leaving the .TIF filename extension unchanged (rather than it changing to .tiff) makes more logical sense and is preferable.

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