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.pp format
I used Portrait Professional Studio 10 64 Edition. I have retouched an image and saved it as both a tiff and in a .pp session format. Having completed the procedure I wishd to make a few more changes to the image.

When I opened the tiff in PP it wanted me to go through the eye, nose, mouth identification procedure again, which I didn't want to do, I just wanted the tools after that.

When I opened the .pp file I was able make the changes I needed but when I "saved and returned" it appeared not to update the tiff. The .pp file was updated, but I can find no other way of exporting it. So...

1 Is there a way to utilize my tiff in PP without going through the "eye/nose/mouth" bit?

2 How can I express my .pp file in another format?

Thanks in advance.
Syd Mannion
If I remember correctly, in V10 Studio's File > Settings > General there is a dialog which allows you to prevent overwriting the original TIF. By default the program appends a "_pp" after the filename.

For example:

Original Input File: YourFile.TIF
Session Edit File: YourFile.pp
Resulting Output File: YourFile_pp.TIF
Re-editing a Session File gets saved as: YourFile_pp.pp

However, I just tried re-editing and then Saving Jpeg/Tiff. Now it wants to save as a .tiff rather than a .TIF (as it was doing yesterday). I'm saving to 16 bit no compression no Jpeg. Not really sure why it now wants to save the file with a filetype extension of tiff (rather than TIF)?
Thanks for that MusicLaw. The settings you refer to is in fact in Preferences, however, the following might be of use to you and others.

When I opened the .pp file originally I did so by double clicking on the .pp file. When PP opened the save as options and the preferences were simply not available. The only option under FILE was SAVE/RETURN.

I then closed that session and opened the PP application and opened my image from within that and ALL the options I needed were available.
Syd Mannion
Thanks. I'll take a closer look at that tomorrow.

I have also found the workflow logic when working with a batch of images to be somewhat awkward. Particularly when needing to skip an image in the midst of working through the batch.

The software can only get better with suggestions, user input, and shared observations.

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