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Poor service and major bug in PP studio
I know cross posting is poor netiquitte - but I now have two tickets opened, one marked urgent - and hav yet to get a response.
I am really not pleased at this point with the responses I am getting, so I am posting this to the message board as well.
I do appreciate feedback via tickets but days to turn things around just won't cut it, and in sum total although the software is powerful and interesting, I see it becoming less useful and not more useful in a semi pro workflow on more than one or two images and therefore having poor Return on Investment for me.

The software is not enhancing my productivity as this version is dramatically slower than the version 6 I previewed, due to the workflow involved in the enhancements to the point where retouching 15 event photos has taken on average 10 minutes a piece. Removing blemishes needs to be a batch type operation to have any value in a workflow, especially at this price point.
Now that the program has crashed on me as well I am not inclined to trust my workflow to it .

I've now run into severe selection inaccuracy problems in the following areas:
1. Eye selector especially the pupil, PP8 software is not accurate enough to determine location and place a proper located circle in the majority of images I have tested with, so far out of 50 images, not one has not needed an adjustment, many significant, and you must do this or the pupils are messed up by the size of pupil circumference and placement inaccuracy.

2. Hair selection - this is NOT a "ten second operation," each operation is under or over selecting dramatically, with Anglos, Asians, Latinos, anyone with dark hair basically - you are talking minutes even with zooming of getting the selection just so.

3. Skin Selection - The skin selection / neckline worked one time accurately on one out of 15 I tried it on - the rest proceeded to underselect dramatically, this is with full frontal, not 3/4 turned evening gowns on light skinned subjects with enough contrast to easliy demark skin from clothing tones.

4. The program has now crashed on me while editing a picture:
C++ Runtime Error
assistant.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Appp Name Assistant.exe
Modver 8.0.50772.1433

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