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Poor service and major bug in PP studio
Sad Here i'am with the pp useless. i must say i have been getting response from them, but it seems they can correct my problem. they are trying. My problem? when i bought the fill version 8.1.6 i was sent a token to activated, once activated i played with it for a few hours with now problem. I shut my computer off for the night, next day when opening program, it ask me for the activation code all over again.
after reporting this, i got a reply telling me that my ip adress keeps changing, and to try a new token given to me. when i try new token it did the same thing. then i tried the old token and it worked but when seleting picture it crashes and windows error comes up (portrait profesional has encountered a problem and needs to close) i was told that when i shut down the program and restart that the pp program reads a difrent ip adress,and that is true cause my internet provider changes ip adress constantly for securty reasons. anyone have this same issues and if so has it been resolved?

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RE: Poor service and major bug in PP studio - Megatone - 04-10-2009, 03:19 PM

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