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whiskers / 5 o'clock shadow removal
Maybe I'm missing its current existence, but would like to see a tool to reduce / eliminate whiskers or beard stubble.
Thank you.
Perhaps a change to target tool that would let you change the area targeted to a similar selected area of skin, thus changing the color tone and lightness to the skin nearby....then you could use the imperfection sliders and others already there to have every thing blend together to look clean shaven. Hmmmm...I like your idea....would think it is possible.....also gives me an idea to try the change to target in PS....then move the image into PP for the finish up....will let y'all know how that came out.
Thank you for the quick response, Kat999. I haven't used that - it sounds like the clone stamp in PS, right? Difficulty comes if the guy has his face mostly slightly unshaven, so there isn't much smooth skin showing. Seems the program could detect the color between the stubble and replace the many dots of whiskers.
The subject I just worked on thankfully only had small areas of whiskers, so I could use the clone tool in PS to fix those.
Look forward to anything further you discover.

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