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error downloading trial v8
I've just tried to download the trial version of PP v8 and get the following error at the 'creating registry entries ...' stage:-

Error creating registry key:
RegCreateKeyEx failed; code 5.
Access is denied.

Any advice what I should do?

Fiona Wyatt
Are you sure you just downloaded that trial version, because that error message was only in the older 8.0.6 trial and earlier?

In any case, it is safe to press the "ignore" button when you see these errors and the installation will continue correctly.

The error is caused by some software on your computer that has protected the windows file associations, to stop other programs from associating with picture files on your computer. Portrait Professional doesn't need this in order to work correctly.

Hi Gary,

No, you're right - I downloaded the trail software a couple of weeks ago and emailed Anthropics for advice but had no reply.  I've just deleted this version and downloaded again and it's installed fine so thanks very much for your help.

In fact we do reply to every mail, but often our emails are trapped in spam filters. This is why we made the support ticket system on the web site, which does not rely on email in order for us to communicate with you.

Thanks for letting us know the current trial version does not have this problem.


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