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Can someone help me please. I want to upgrade asap.
I have a canon 40D dslr camera. I know studio version 8 program will work with .cr2 files which are canon's extension but the problem I have had in the past is even though photoshop will work with cr2 files I have had to upgrade the program to accept that extension. What I mean is as follows: Photoshop always worked with my canon 30D camera's cr2 files but when I bought a new canon 40D camera the photoshop program wouldnt work with the 40D's .cr2 files even though it had the same .cr2 extension as the 30D. I had to upgrade to the latest version of adobe camera raw version for the new 40D's cr2 file extension to be recognized. What I am driving at is will the program recognize the new 40D's cr2 file as it does with the 30D's cr2 file extension? I have Portrait professional version 6.5 and wish to upgrade to the new 8.0 version that will work with raw files. Is there anyone out there using the program with cr2 files from a canon 40D? I hope someone can help me as I would really like to upgrade if it will work. Thanks, Steve
I've uploaded the User Manual of v8.0 to here:


In the FAQs section specific mention is made that Portrait Professional v8.0 Studio supports Canon (.crw .cr2), Fuji (.raf), Kodak (.tif .kdc .dcr), Minolta (.mrw), Nikon (.nef), Olympus (.orf), Pentax (.ptx .pef), Sony (.arw .srf .sr2), Sigma (.x3f), Epson (.erf), Mamiya (.mef .mos), Panasonic (.raw), Phase One (.tif), Imacon (.fff).

If I were you Steve I'd download the v8.0 trial and see if it serves your purposes. If it won't work with the file format your Canon 40D puts out then you have two choices: 1. Not upgrade, & 2. Ask Anthropics Technology to support that file type.
I have downloaded the upgrade and it works just fine. A lot of improvements since version 6. Now I can work directly with the raw files and not worry about any loss I had working and saving jpeg files. I just save as tiff now and through it right into photoshop elements and finish any final adjustments without any resolution loss at all. Thanks for all the advise. Steve

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