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Can someone help me please. I want to upgrade asap.
I've uploaded the User Manual of v8.0 to here:


In the FAQs section specific mention is made that Portrait Professional v8.0 Studio supports Canon (.crw .cr2), Fuji (.raf), Kodak (.tif .kdc .dcr), Minolta (.mrw), Nikon (.nef), Olympus (.orf), Pentax (.ptx .pef), Sony (.arw .srf .sr2), Sigma (.x3f), Epson (.erf), Mamiya (.mef .mos), Panasonic (.raw), Phase One (.tif), Imacon (.fff).

If I were you Steve I'd download the v8.0 trial and see if it serves your purposes. If it won't work with the file format your Canon 40D puts out then you have two choices: 1. Not upgrade, & 2. Ask Anthropics Technology to support that file type.

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RE: Can someone help me please.  I want to upgrade asap. - Roscoe - 08-09-2008, 07:46 AM

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