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PP 10.5.1, compatibilty with OSX Lion 10.7

May I ask if PP 10.5.1 is already compatible with OSX lion 10.7, because I am planning to upgrade my osx snow (10.6.8)

Thank you and best regards,

[Image: MACINTOSH.jpg]

Hi Roscoe,

Thank you very much for your quick reply, I just want to make it sure that the statement in mac osx 10.5 or later. Does later means up to 10.7.
Hoping to get confirmation from the developer.

Best regards,

I'm not too sure Manuel. Best to wait for a response from Anthropics (which won't be too long coming).
Hello Manuel,

We have thoroughly tested all editions of Portrait Professional on Lion and found no major issues. Some users have had trouble with the Portrait Professional after the update, but these have occurred only if Lion has been installed on top of an existing Portrait Professional install. These issues have all been resolved with a fresh Portrait Professional install after the update. Others have had issues with using Portrait Professional as a plugin for Photoshop, which we are currently investigating, but we believe these have arisen from issues with Photoshop's Lion compatibility.

We would strongly recommend a complete uninstall of Portrait Professional before the Lion update and a reinstall after the update has been completed to prevent any issues from arising.

If you have any issues with the reinstall of Portrait Professional, please open a support ticket and we would be glad to help you resolve any problems.


Anthropics Technology Ltd.
Hi Arjun,

Thank you very much for the enlightenment. I understand clearly the stand of Portrait Professional. It is already compatible with the current osx lion. It is the host program PS CS5 that is not 100% compatible yet. Most of the plugins I have are already made compatible. I will just wait when PS CS5 is already compatible, prior to ugrading to osx lion.

Best regards and more power to Portrait Professional,


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