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Discount to beta testers?
Good evening or good morning.  I was one of your beta testers of version 8, which I really liked.  I hope my comments and suggestions were helpful.  Did you say there would be a discount on V8 to those who helped with the beta testing?  If so, how do I go about claiming this?  I just bought v6.5 in May for $60.  Is that now a loss since I want the improvements of the new version?  Thanks for your response.
This is the text of an email I received when I told Anthropics Technology I'd be interested in being a beta tester

Thank you for your interest in beta testing Portrait Professional Studio! This
email contains what you need.

The following is the link to the online questionnaire you need to fill in.


Please DO NOT fill this in until you have used the software enough to feel like you are
satisfied you know your way around! Imagine you have downloaded a
trial version of the software, and want to find out exactly what it
can do before buying (this will match real user experience). As a
rough estimate, this will take between 30 minutes to an hour.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, your e-mail will be registered on our records. Our receipt of a test completed after genuine use of the software will
entitle you to a 50% discount off the price of Portrait Professional version 8 upon its release, either Standard or Studio version, as promised!

I bought an upgrade to v8.0 today and it cost me USD$39.95 which is less than the USD$59.95 I saw when I went to the upgrade site, so it appears, as a beta tester I've been given a discount.

However, the token emailed to me won't work, so I've got to wait for Anthropics to respond to my support ticket.
Hi John,

I have sent you instructions on claiming a beta test discount to johnabild@msn.com. If you have further queries, please contact me - breno@anthropics.com


Thanks, Breno.

I really appreciate the discount.


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