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Portrait Professional Beta Programme
Hello everyone,

We are just finishing a new version of Portrait Professional which runs on both PC and Mac, and we are looking for amateur and professional photographers to spend an hour or each beta testing it for us. What we are looking for specifically are people to download the new beta version, use it, and fill in a simple multiple choice online questionnaire, with a short comments section. We need you to note what you like and don't like, and where the software causes problems or crashes, so that we can fix it!

If you are interested contact us at testers@portraitprofessional.com and sign up. We would really appreciate your help, and you would be contributing to a state of the art development in photographic software. Thank you for reading this, and do help us invent the future for photography!

Hi Everyone,

The beta programme is now closed as Portrait Professional 8 is now live!


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