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Sculpting a round face
I'm having a lot of fun with this program enhancing otherwise blah looking portraits.  It's a great product and fairly priced.  Thanks.

I know that face sculpting works automatically when you mark up a face and let the software do its job.  But can you suggest a means to "narrow" an overly wide face in a uniform fashion.  It seems that I can get the jaw to thin and the head to get pointy, but I don't get a consistent and pleasant thinning overall.

Along the same vein, what if my subject has an overly long face that I would like to "squash" a bit from top to bottom.  Should I manipulate the placement of the marking points?

If you have any experience along these line, kindly share it with us all.

Thanks, John
Hi John,

Although the software does work in an automatic fashion it is possible to manipulate it to get it to do something specific for you. Because it tries to move your outline towards an 'ideal', you can change it's affect by doing the opposite of what you want. For example, if you find it narrows the jaw and you would rather it widened it, you could narrow your mark-up in the jaw and it would widen it to 'fix' that defect and visa versa.

Hope that helps.


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