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suggestion for usability
Hey, I like pp so much, the results are so great! Here some suggestions - if you work with it for hours, some shortcuts would really help:

1. "+" and "-" for zooming in and out

2. spacebar for pan-tool

3. skin-selection-tools via "b" (brush), pressing b again switches from extend to cutback and vice versa

4. radius of the skin selection tools with brackets ("[" + "]") doesn't work in german version. Something like "j" for smaller and "k" for bigger, "h" for less opacity, "l" for more opacity.

5. "tab" for switching from face-view to image-view and back

6. an option like "select everything as skin" (for just creating a quick skin-layer for further masking in photoshop)

7. a "Save and open in Photoshop" command or "send to"

8. visibility-checkboxes for "face sculpt", "skin", "eye", ... for a quick view of the effect

9. a negative direction for the expression-slider to create sader expression (also for "mouth shape" to create thinner lips)

10. maybe an item like "add skin texture" with sliders for texture size, sharpness, strength, jitter ...

Best, dnisn
Hi Dnisn,

Thanks for all your suggestions. I have a question. If I understand point 6, you want to be able to extend the skin selection to cover the whole image, then use photoshop's masking tools rather than our own? Is this because there are any particular tools in photoshop that you would like to see in PP?

Hi Tony, maybe it's because I can't use a shortcut to adjust the brush size and opacity in the german version. So you always have to go with the mouse to the slider, adjust, go to the image and look, if it has the right size, adjust again ...
With a photoshop layer mask, white and black brushes ( + feathered lasso and luminance mask), its very comfortable to apply the retouched skin exactly as you want and then blend with the original image.
I often need the entire skin of the body (arms, legs etc), and it takes its time to adjust the selection in pp exactly as you want.
Nevertheless, the tools do a good job. Maybe it would make sense to have an option to hide the purple color when using the tools. So you can see the effects of the selection directly in the image.

Best, dnisn

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