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Work Flow
When using the Max version, can anyone suggest a preferred workflow? Do I make adjustments in the RAW processor first and then go to PortraitProfessional? Will PortraitProfessional read the (ACR) sidecar file? Or do I start the image modification with PortraitProfessional? I am thinking that I actually should go through RAW adjustments and some of the basic Photoshop adjustments before saving to TFF and entering PortraitProfessional. Is this what most of you are doing? thx.
Convert the RAW to 16 bit TIFF then go into PP is my preferred way.
Regards, Fred

Progress has little to do with speed,
but much to do with direction
I think Fred's suggestion is a good one. We don't currently read sidecar files so it makes sense to do RAW work first.


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