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Some small helpful interface Suggestions
First, the new 6.xx version is excellent, far, far better than an older version which I used in demo mode only.

I have purchased the new version and am using the 6.3.3 update.


1 Brush re-sizing could be much handier and quicker if you would use a kbd shortcut (in addition to existing top left ribbon adj) such as [ for smaller and ] for larger as in Photoshop -which would also be extremely handy for those of us who use Photoshop, and or possibly also the + and - keys on the numeric keypad.

2 Extend and CutBack Tools -would also be much handier and far quicker if one could switch between with kbd shortcut (numeric keypad + and -, for Extend and CutBack respectively), or once clicked on Extend get the Cutback by Right Clicking the Mouse button.

3. It would also be very helpful to be able to take snapshots of the Adjust Sliders To Enhance Face settings. I would suggest implementing it by displaying red (vertical bars) markers along the slides for the first snapshot, blue, and then green for the third snapshot. Past about three things get too confusing. Actually I personally would be happy to simply have 1 snapshot for the suggested setting shown by the program. It's hard to remember the values for going back and forth with the sliders.

Finally on the very first step (marking the right eye corner) it would be so much easier for placing the first point if one could zoom in. In fact it would be great to have a zoom available on every screen/window.

I think using the numeric keypad + and - keys would do the job and would be fairly self explanatory w respect to direction of zoom.

If anyone reading this would also like these interface improvements, or have better ideas for, please add your voice to this request.

Great job on this program.


Hi Dan,

Thanks for the suggestions, you will be pleased to find quite a few of them are already in there.

1. [ and ] already resize the brush. The keyboard focus must be on the image though.

2. Good idea. We'll consider it for the next version.

3. I'm not sure if I understand you exactly, but the snapshots you talk about sound like the presets functionality that is already in the software. You can save as many sets of slider values as you want with different names.

4. You can zoom in with the Ctrl key at any point in the program. We used to tell the user about it, but we took that tip out. The reason is that it is not necessary to be too accurate about placing the points, and giving a zoom option implies that pixel perfect accuracy is necessary. In fact if you spend too long trying to get the markup to exactly what you think is accurate, you can actually end up with worse results.

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