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Eye Color Problem?
When I attempt an eye color change by moving the slider, I get color changes to the white of the eye, rather than in the iris which is where one would expect eye color to register.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a bug?



PS You should have a separate section of the Forum for reporting Problems.
Hi Dan,

Unfortunately this is a current limitation of the software; adjusting the hue of the eye will change the hue of the whole eye. For white eyes the only saturated part will be the iris, but if the white of the eye is a pink color, the hue change will affect it too. The way round this is to use the eye whitening controls to whiten the eye to get rid of the color there. This is something we are planning to improve upon in the future.


P.S. The FAQ section is where you can ask questions about the software, including bugs.

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