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installation moving
i have new installed my windows and nnow i have enormous problems for portrait professional.
i dont have any possibility for reaching suport.
only with this very very very complicated ticket programm.
please help me..
i have purchased 3!!!!!!!!!copies of the software and i wanna use it!

i pray to suporter take contact with me and give me a token for the software!
i have forgot my other contacts...
always i have so many problems for installimng with this very very very complicated contacts?
why you dont can a normal suport email have like hounderts other firms...why soooooooo complicated? why?????

As far as I can see on our license page you have succesfully managed to install all the licenses that you have purchased. However, you have only upgraded on of them to version 6. Is that the problem? I am sorry that you find the ticket system difficult we developed it as alot of people were having problems with spam filters which people have no control of were intercepting our replies.

Warm regards,
Anthropics Technology

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