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Contacting ANYONE from PP!!!
I first bought the software using an email address which I have since stopped using. So all communication is automatically sent to that initial email address. Apparently this email address cannot be changed as it is legally binding. As of now, I don't look out for email notification as I know that it will not arrive. I only rely on the ticketing system which always work.
Is there a possibility for PP to add in a preferred alternate email address so that we can continue to receive notification?
How long do you wait for a reply?
when you write a complaint ..
I have PP 10 and for some reason it decided to not save or export any picture any more it just stoped.
I am not sure what happened but it just stop working.
I can edit pictures but I cannot save or export my work
You don't say how you tried to contact Anthropics, but if you opened a ticket you were shown a message that Anthropics aim to respond within 48 hours.

Usually the response time is much quicker than that.

However at the moment there is a lot of support due to the new release of v12 and the large numbers of people upgrading or asking questions. We have extra support people working but still it means there are longer delays than usual. Tickets are probably taking about 24 hours at the moment.

There are already 3 pages of discussion on crashes of PP when using automatic or batch mode. It seems many people encounter the same problem.
I purchased V12 Max version (for System 8) and I can not use the most important feature of the program as everytime it crashes. I don't get any diagnostic reports afterwards apart from the information that the program encountered the error and will shut. How can you fix the bug if you don't get diagnostic data from useres?
Paying $200 for soft which does not work looks like a rip off.
All of us would expect your quick action on that and information on this forum when and how this bug will be fixed. What are you waiting for?

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