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Photo enhancement everywhere!
I've been taking and enhancing photos of my co-workers.
The results and reactions have been great. Basically, what
they would look like with a little "work" or if they had stayed out of the sun or not smoked.

I ran across a site where retouching is done as a service - probably all Photoshop. The changes are more extreme than with PP...removing stray hair, adding eyelashes, eyebrows, moving background plants over, etc. Much of their work is for models, pageant contestants and weddings. Rather than post the URL, which may not be allowed here, search on Google for "digital photo enhancement" and the "glamour"
site will come up. Let's see what you think of the retouching of the
very young pageant kids.

I'm sure that we all look at magazine photos in a different way now.

I posted this in another area: It would be good to be able to sample a skin color and use it to retouch a nearby area. The retouching brush just seems to blur it. I was having trouble removing a scar on a stomach area (bikini shot).


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